Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Knitting & Crocheting

A knit hat for Christy to match her fingerless mitts down below. I actually finished this one on Jan 1. The mitts were for Christmas and the hat was just to use up the left over yarn. But I think it turned out nicely. It was my first attempt at stripes.

Knit fingerless mitts for Jessye. She saw Christy's and loved them so during her visit this week I made her a pair. You cannot tell in the photo, but the yarn is white and gold. The gold was so stiff it made these much harder to knit. But the irregular yarn hid my new knitter mistakes well.

These are Rachel's fingerless mitts. They are crochet and were by far my favorite to make. So easy. The yarn is from Farmhouse yarns.

And finally Christy's knit fingerless mitts. I know there's only one in the photo. She's looking for the other one right now! These are sooooooo soft, made from cashmere yarn. We all love the way they feel.

It was fun making some of my Christmas presents. I already have plans to make my brother-in-law some fingerless gloves and a hat for his upcoming February birthday.

Update on Chris' Hunting Hat

The gift highlight for Christmas (for me) was the conversation I overheard between my husband and brother in law. The girls had just finished showing off their new fingerless mitts I made them, when Chris began telling the story of him loosing the hunting hat. Robbie looked very surprised. Seems he found a hat matching the description of Chris' missing hat a day or two after Chris lost it! In the woods, no less! So the hat has been returned! I'm so happy about that!!!